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Meeta Garg

co-founder, Narrator, Spirited

With a Masters degree in business development, Meeta Garg originally followed her career in that discipline.  However, her love for art set her on a different path. After completing a few art courses from Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, London, she started her creative career in London and now works from her home studio in New Jersey, USA. Meeta specializes in Mixed Media, Oil and Acrylic on a variety of surfaces. She takes on commissioned art from clients around the globe and exhibits across the USA, London, and India. Not only, does she expand her skill with every stroke, she steers her clients, and students to indulge in the euphoria of art.

Hima Anne

co-founder, Ebullient


Hima Anne, her resume doesn’t quite suggest “artist.” She is a management consultant/ technologist by day and an artist by every other left over minute. She calls herself “an art hobbyist, and an exploratory artist”, with keen interest in oil, multimedia, and love for color and form. Hima has a MBA from NYU but no training in art which she finds relieving, a real encouragement and freedom to simply create from her heart instead of trying to find a balance between educational training and personal expressions. She is highly energetic, and even a little expressive which reflects on her panels. And with this spirit she maneuvers between her diverse yet complementary careers and passions. Rather than yielding to the traditional view of needing to choose one path, she embodies both.

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