Corporate Team Artwork

At The Meraki we see art as a medium of expression. And we genuinely work towards amplifying a teams collective expression by creating art. Art team building activities are a great way to inspire each other, think outside the box, make each other’s imagination come to life and in the process create a more genuine connection between the members. Our artists will teach your teams how to make art and guide your teams through every step of the way. We offer a variety of  artistic team building activities and custom packages, and to find out more please get in touch.

Team Spirit in Art

Teams success hinges on collaboration and the foundation of every great team is a direction that energizes, orients, engages its members and leverages strengths of individuals to achieve the common goals. This project asks participants to consider their strengths and skills that contribute towards the success of their team. Using individual 16X20 canvases, participants will paint a representation of their identified skills which can then be assembled into any number of designs to represent your teams spirit. This activity allows for reflection as well as self-expression.


A collage is an assembly of variety of forms to reveal a new whole art. An ideal team building experience, which requires participants to arrive at a sketch, design elements, color, and transitioning between individual canvases to create a cohesive product. The individual paintings use 16” x 20” canvases to create one large collage.

Social Artwork

Social art-working sessions are a great way to indulge your teams or a group of friends. You can pick an image, or have us create custom one for you with your brand in mind, and your participants receive a lightly pre-sketched 16” x 20” canvas, and our artist leads a step-by-step painting lesson. 


We can add a twist to this session and have each canvas rotate between participants every few minutes. Teams have to consider the work already accomplished by team members, and complementing their work take it to the next level. This is a very creative activity for painters of all levels that brings to the forefront their collaboration skills. 

Custom Campaigns

We work with organizations to develop a custom team art work package to meet your vision and goals. If you want your teams to represent your organization’s core values visually or want your teams to generate ideas, and create designs for your marketing  or brand campaign in the form of natural visual art then we are your destination. Our artists will understand your goals, collaborate on ideas, and facilitate your teams to sketch, design and paint their creativity. 


A social artwork project for Orion Global Solutions led by Hima Anne

'Last week the Orion team tapped into their inner Picasso! 


Thank you to our resident artist and team leader, Hima Anne, for facilitating the "Sip and Paint" virtual session where we created minimalist masterpieces!'

- Orion Team