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Corporate Team Artwork

At The Meraki we see art as a medium of expression. And we genuinely work towards amplifying a teams collective expression by creating art. Art team building activities are a great way to inspire each other, think outside the box, make each other’s imagination come to life and in the process create a more genuine connection between the members. Our artists will help your teams make art using a variety of techniques and guide your teams every step of the way. We offer a variety of  artistic team building activities and custom packages.

Team Spirit in Art

Teams success hinges on collaboration and the foundation of every great team is a direction that energizes, orients, engages its members and leverages strengths of individuals to achieve the common goals. We work with you to identify the team spirit you are looking to extenuate, and develop team engagement activities around themed art concepts. We have developed several concepts that can be tailored to add the team building element to them. 


"Be a Master for the Day"

"Theme Based Free Flow"

"Custom Campaign"



Social Artwork

Social art-working sessions are a great way to indulge your teams or a group of friends. Our artists get you started with a game, some basic painting tricks, color mixing ideas and lead you through a step-by-step painting lesson. Dwell in memories, build new, and spend quality time with the people you work with daily or share friendships with and build healthy connections.

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